I don’t like living with my Dad because he talks to himself.

And when I hallucinate people (deformed, in pain, or normal) that I can hear (both auditory and visual hallucinations aren’t as common as either or) they always talk to themselves

and they hunch their backs and walk around with their arms curled up close to their mouths or necks or chests and they whisper

and I can only hear things that I pick out like swearing or names.

My Dad does the same thing, he walks around, looking down, and hisses at himself all the time, usually when angry. 

And it scares me because I don’t think my Dad is real half the time, and I try my hardest to believe that he is, even if I dislike him.

It makes me question if everyone around me is real.

And that scares me more than all of my hallucinatory problems combined.

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